1/29 Letters: DEQ doesn’t have ‘free access’ to GenX testing equipment

Regarding “GenX: Does NC DEQ need equipment to find water pollution?” (Jan. 26): State Senate leader Berger seems to think the Department of Environmental Quality has “free access” to state-of-the-art mass spectrometers in the region, to test for GenX pollution.
Having worked in both public and private laboratories that required similar services involving very expensive equipment, I know that there are almost always hefty fees, even if both parties are on the same university campus.
Refusing to fund the equipment necessary to do their job is like saying there’s no need to buy police cars – in case of emergency, the cops could just use Uber.
N. R. Wallace Durham Never miss a local story.
I wrote this letter because what I have read in the news about the latest antics of our Congress makes me sick to my stomach.
At some point, our politicians decided that it was alright to let the deadline for CHIP pass without action.
But I know that as I’ve heard all my life, youth are the future.
Those children will be able to vote.
Mohammad Mohd Raleigh Increase parental involvement I was very disappointed when reading “Class size chaos, school funding are top issues” (Jan. 24) about the Public School Forum of North Carolina’s top 10 education issues in 2018.
And, as many of us know, the most important work is Pre-natal to three, which means young parents need to be prepared and supported to get their children ready for school.

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