10,000 People hospitalized in Turkey after consuming contaminated water

originally posted on August 28, 2016


Some 10,000 people were admitted to the hospital early this week in eastern Turkey after they suffered from health problems caused by contaminated tap water, local press reported on Sunday.

The mayor of the city of Kahramanmaras, Fatih Mehmet Erkoc, said that experts believe health issues started to rise due to the spread of bacteria or viruses transmitted through contaminated water.

At least one individual of every family living in Kahramanmaras has been affected by the suspected contamination.

Hospitals in the city and in neighboring areas announced that patients are suffering from symptoms such as vomiting and fever, but their condition is not serious.

Authorities started distributing bottled water in the city, where a crisis center was established, and urged the residents not to drink tap water before boiling it.

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