2 Larimer County systems report lead contamination in drinking water

Jacy Marmaduke/The Coloradoan Two small drinking water systems were the only Larimer County entities to report lead contamination above regulatory levels during the most recent sampling period, state officials told the Coloradoan.
The drinking water systems are Fox Acres Community Services Corporation, which serves a small area in Red Feather Lakes, and Spring Canyon Water and Sanitation District, which serves people in homes surrounding Horsetooth Reservoir.
Corrosion control additives can prevent lead from leaching from pipe soldering into drinking water.
Two of 10 samples collected in December 2017 had lead levels above the regulatory action level of 15 parts per billion, bringing the system’s 90th percentile value to 28 ppb.
The system will work with the two sites to ensure their lead levels meet regulations, whether that means facilitating the purchase of new faucets or enhancing pipe grounding, Carter said.
The lead levels were a result of corrosion from lead soldering on pipes in some older homes, operator Sean Dibble told the Coloradoan last week.
The filter plant reported a 2.8 ppb 90th percentile value during its July through December 2017 testing period, plant manager Rick Whittet said.
The system serves 2,750 people and exceeded the action level from 2011 to 2016 with 90th percentile values ranging from 16 to 34 ppb.
All are below the regulatory action level of 15 ppb.
City of Fort Collins: 3.7 ppb Fort Collins-Loveland: 3 ppb City of Loveland: 2.2 ppb Town of Berthoud: 9 ppb East Larimer County: 4 ppb Town of Windsor: 3.9 ppb Town of Wellington: 3 ppb To search for other water systems, visit colorado.gov/cdphe/ccr.

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