2017 Harvest Report: Despite Drought, Potential Is High for South African Wines

A dry winter and growing season was challenging for vines in the Cape wine regions Old vines, likes these for Alheit winery, fared better in a dry year in the Cape wine regions.
South African vintners dealt with an extremely dry growing season in 2017, resulting in a small crop.
Both vintages made very concentrated wine, just different in nature."
"Nighttime temperatures were cooler and this resulted in higher acid retention," said Adam Mason, winemaker at Mulderbosch.
"We had to start irrigation in December before veraison.
The cooler days and nights resulted in slower sugar accumulation but the phenolics kept developing.
It was unique to see phenolic ripeness at lower sugar levels."
"The old vines were fabulous this year.
The crops were decent and the fruit very healthy and flavorful."
In the end, the producers say the wines are showing ripeness and concentration.

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