300-year-old pond dies slow death; locals demand renovation

The Hadapokhari pond, a large water body located in Kupari under Khaira block in Balasore district, has now turned into a flatland after being subjected to several years of neglect.
The huge Hadapokhari pond is said to be witness to 300 years of history of the area.
Locals said as the pond was not renovated, it has dried up over the years and is now being used as a pastureland.
Kings used to come on hunting expeditions to the area.
One of the kings had spotted a stream cascading down from the Sarisua hill and flowing to the south of Kupari village.
The stream water stored in the pond proved to be highly useful for both people and animals.
The pond was built over a sprawling location of 10 acres at that time.
Now, the pond’s area has come down to seven or eight acres, say locals adding that it has lost its water retaining capacity.
Locals have been complaining about the water shortage over the years, but nothing has been done to sort out the problem.
Besides, the pond will be of great use for both animals and humans,” said Sarat Kumar Biswal, a local resident.

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