4.0 Lab: The Future of Food, Finance, Health, Ed, & Management

4.0 Lab: The Future of Food, Finance, Health, Ed, & Management.
As the labels of the new economy have gone mainstream (green, organic, sharing economies) the underlying economic reality stays the same.
It’s not only the mainstream players like Amazon and Uber that are stuck in their current economic operating systems; many of the innovators who once broke through that model are now also stuck.
The innovators in all these spaces are stuck in the niches that first gave them space to develop something new.
Table 1 summarizes how, over time, the operating systems have evolved in five major sectors: health, food, finance, education, and management.
Many innovators are stuck—stuck in stakeholder-centric 3.0 ways of operating.
‘What’s next?’ these 3.0 innovators are asking themselves.
Generative capital has the highest transformative impact, not only individually, but also systemically.
In management and business leadership, the evolution has been from centralized-hierarchical (1.0) to more decentralized-divisionalized forms of organizing (2.0); and from there to more networked type of managing and organizing.
4.0 Lab: The future of food, finance, health, ed & management To address the challenges outlined above, my colleagues and I at the Presencing Institute along with other partners are exploring how to launch a global initiative that would bring together pioneers and leading innovators to form cross-sector teams, with the goal of co-sensing and co-shaping 4.0 ways of operating in the five systems outlined above: food, finance, health, learning and management.

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