5 picks for sustainable activewear

5 picks for sustainable activewear.
Check out these five eco-conscious brands that put the Earth first: Yogiiza, which produces activewear for both men and women, prides itself on using organic cotton, recycled materials and fair trade labor in its manufacturing process.
We are peaceful warriors that are super-aware protectors of Mother Earth," said CEO Mark Oliver.
Dual-gender brand Atayne describes its products as "performance with a point of view."
For several years, the company has been recognized as among the "Best for the World" for overall environmental impact.
Atayne said it kept 8 tons of plastic bottles out of landfills, conserved over 119,502 kilowatt hours of energy and conserved 42,000 liters of drinking water in 2016.
The company, which makes clothing, yoga mats and other accessories, uses organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester and responsibly raised down in its products.
The brand supports responsible, sustainable cotton farming that uses no toxic heavy metals and is better for the air, soil and water.
"Our mission is to change the apparel industry for good," the company said.
The brand uses 60% less water in its washing process, supports organic and eco-friendly fabrics, uses only non-toxic dyes and stands for recycling poly plastic and other materials.

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