50 fall ill drinking polluted water

originally posted on June 25, 2016


Indore: Around 50 persons including children fell ill after drinking contaminated water in Alot town of Ratlam district on Friday.

Medical assistance had to be given to some of the critical patients at a government community health centre to prevent their condition from deteriorating further. All victims were dependent on government groundwater well for drinking water and health department officials suspect that they fell ill after drinking water from it.

The outbreak was reported at Tajli village of Alot town where people had sipped water from the well, which was apparently full of bacterial contamination. While a few had reported loose motion and vomiting a couple of days back, a large number of people started complaining of having similar symptoms on Friday forcing health department staff into action. Critical patients whose health worsened were referred to community healthcare centre. Health department staff also took samples of the water for examination.

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