7 things you need to know about #DayZero

What is Day Zero?
What is Day Zero?
Day Zero does not mean that there is no water in our dams.
What happens on Day Zero?
On Day Zero, Cape Town residents will have to collect water at 200 collection sites or points of distribution in Cape Town.
The City estimates that about 20 000 people will be able to collect water per site per day.
But if on Day Zero, we collect 25 litres for the day, there’ll be less – or even no – greywater to flush?
"We should be prepared to live with very little water for at least three months and possibly up to six months after Day Zero, but it all depends on when rain falls in the water source areas that feed the dams," said WWF in a statement.
However, the City of Cape Town is working on alternative water sources.
Level 6B restrictions will limit irrigation using boreholes and well points.

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