800,000 at risk after ‘mess’ left by previous govt – Parker

Experts investigating the Havelock North gastro outbreak warn hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders – one in five people – are at risk of getting sick and universal treatment of drinking water is needed.
The Havelock North Water Inquiry released its second report today.
Tuesday, 9 August 2016: Standard water tests – which the Hastings District Council conducts every two days – come back clear of any contamination.
Thursday, 11 August: Havelock North schools start to notice large numbers of students absent.
Later that afternoon, the council decides to also issue a ‘boil water’ notice, and starts informing the media and public from about 6pm.
With hundreds of pupils still absent, all schools in Havelock North decide to close for at least two days.
The Hastings District Council releases the results of an investigation into the 2015 contamination of Brookvale bore three.
The latest tests of Hastings’ and Flaxmere’s water supply show there is no contamination and residents no longer need to boil their drinking water.
The Hastings District Council says, however, the area’s water supply will be chlorinated until further notice.
May 2017: The Attorney-General releases phase 1 of the inquiry, which found the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and the Hastings District Council failed to meet their responsibilities to safeguard Havelock North’s drinking water.

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