A beautiful solution for water pollution Rainscaping

One problem related to water contamination resulted from urban development.
Consequently, as rain falls and snow melts on these surfaces, water runs off through storm sewers and onward to streams, rivers and waterways.
Storm sewer runoff has been blamed for many urban and suburban problems, including increased flooding, damaged stream banks and fish habitat, and polluted streams, lakes and estuaries.
One way to decrease the amount of water going into waterways is through rainscaping.
Rainscaping is a simple and resourceful landscaping design in which rain barrels, and rain gardens are using as much rain water as possible from gutters.
The intended result is less water channeled to the storm sewer system and ultimately our waterways.
Rain barrels involve either attaching or placing a barrel close to a down spout where rain water from a roof is diverted into the barrel.
Naturally, infrequent rains make for higher concentrations of ecoli.
Using rain barrels can delay the need to expand storm sewer systems and help reduce flooding.
For details on the benefits of a rain barrel and the plans to make your own, visit go.osu.edu/rainbarrel.

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