A trail of trouble: Jenne’s bill would aggravate police and environmental issues

Jenne, D-Theresa, has proposed a bill to allow utility-task vehicles, like this one at Watertown Power Sports, to use public trails.
A bill sponsored by state Assemblywoman Addie A.E.
The bill, A1429A, widens the definition of all-terrain vehicles to include those “of up to 70 inches long and 1,500 pounds” — what are known as utility-task vehicles.
State law allows vehicles of no more than 1,000 pounds to use public trails throughout the state.
Other people may be less inclined to make use of these natural resources as a result, which could impact the economies of certain regions, the groups said.
“In a joint letter to Speaker of the Assembly Carl E. Heastie, the groups reel off a series of negative environmental impacts that could result from allowing UTVs on these wildlife trails.
“The groups also note increased tailpipe emissions as another factor.
The bill also includes “funds for law enforcement operations and any necessary environmental repairs.” So the legislation confirms that additional law enforcement personnel will be needed to police ATV and UTV users and impound their vehicles when they run afoul of the rules.
By allowing vehicles weighing more than 1,000 pounds, law enforcement agents would additionally need to monitor UTVs on public trails that are being further damaged.
Ms. Jenne proposes to allocate more money to deal with problems that her bill exacerbates.

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