Action needed now to save the planet

If we stop cutting down forests in order to plant palm oil trees, and if we stop consuming stuff with palm oil (e.g., Doritos), that will stop the CO2 bombs.
Most of this flooding is because the sea level is rising.
You can help by not polluting and not cutting down and burning trees.
The only reason they cut down those forests is because people want palm oil.
It is very bad that people want to destroy trees for palm oil.
It is not OK that animals die because people want palm oil.
When you burn down forests, the carbon dioxide the trees hold is released into our air, which is bad for our health.
These animals will have no place to live if Greenland melts away due to the rise in temperatures.
If the ice from Greenland melts, then flooding will happen in cities near the oceans, like Miami.
We can do a lot of things that causes air pollution.

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