Adirondack groups band together to oppose Jenne UTV bill

Adirondack groups band together to oppose Jenne UTV bill.
The bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Addie A.E.
Jenne, D-Theresa, expands the definition of off-road vehicles to include UTVs, allowing UTVs of over 1,500 pounds to use public trails.
Under current law, only two-person all-terrain vehicles can use public trails throughout New York state.
The groups also note increased tailpipe emissions as another factor.
“With the current lack of enforcement and continued negative impacts to natural resources and public health of the state caused by existing inappropriate ATV use, allowing the passage of A.1429-a (Jenne) will just add to these issues,” the groups said in their letter.
In short, passing this legislation would be bad for the state’s coffers and its natural resources.” In a statement, Ms. Jenne’s spokesman, Ryne Martin, noted that the legislation has changed over time to account for potential issues, based on stakeholder feedback.
“The evolution of the assemblywoman’s legislation over the past several years clearly reflects her willingness to address concerns and reflect the views of all sides of this policy area,” Mr. Martin said.
Environmental groups have continually called for a complete ATV and UTV ban on public trails, with the Adirondack Council asking constituents to send letters to lawmakers in support of a ban.
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