Air Force to filter water in Colorado towns after contamination found

originally posted on July 6, 2016


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The U.S. military says it will pay $4.3 million to install water filters in three communities outside Colorado Springs after learning that potentially harmful chemicals in the water may have come from nearby Peterson Air Force Base.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported Tuesday filters will be placed at or near wells in Security, Widefield and Fountain. The filters are considered a temporary measure until a permanent solution is found.

The chemicals are called perfluorinated compounds or PFCs and were widely used in firefighting foam, nonstick cookware and other applications. Peterson spokesman Steve Brady says base firefighters used the foam for years.

The Air Force is still trying to determine the exact source of the PFCs.

PFCs have been linked to prostate, kidney and testicular cancer, along with other illnesses.

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