Alert: Ironwood issued drinking water advisory; precautions recommended

High velocity water flows from fire hydrants necessary to extinguish the fire resulted in brown or cloudy water conditions from sediments from cast iron water pipes.
If the water is not clear, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER, continue to flush until clear.
If you have continued concerns about your drinking water, Western U.P.
Health Department would recommend drinking bottled water until the advisory is lifted.
If you are flushing your pipes, the City of Ironwood recommends taking a reading from your water meter before and after flushing to get a credit on your water bill from the water department.
Bottled water shall be used for drinking, making ice, coffee, pop or other beverages, and preparing food in a food service establishment until further notice.
Instructions are available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.
A copy can also be faxed or email to you upon request.
It’s estimated that the problem will not be resolved for several days.
If you have questions or concerns regarding water quality, contact the City or Ironwood at 906-932-5050 or Tanya Rule, WUPHD Environmental Health Director, at 906-482-7382.

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