Angola: Government launches drought, desertification projects

Angola: Government launches drought, desertification projects.
This is contained in a press release reached Angop on Tuesday, on the World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification, celebrated on Saturday and which referred to Cunene province.
According to the source, the southern Cunene province has been hit hardest by the Drought, affecting the social and economic condition of citizens, as well as the environment balance.
It has to do with the Land Rehabilitation and Pasture Management project in the agro-pastoral production systems of small producers in south-west region of Angola (RETESA).
The four-year project started in 2014 and covers areas of Namibe, Huíla and Benguela.
This also include the project called Integration of Climate Resilience in Agricultural and Pastoral Production Systems, underway since 2016, through the management of soil fertility in vulnerable areas using the Field Schools approach (IRCEA).
RETESA’s objective is to strengthen the capacity of the agro-pastoral sector of small producers to mitigate the impact of land degradation processes and rehabilitation of degraded lands through the integration of management technologies.
Adapt vulnerable provinces to minimise climate risk in agro-pastoral systems, train about 115,000 farmers to adopt climate change mitigation practices and integrate aspects of climate change into national agricultural and environmental policies and programmes, of IRCEA.
The World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification is celebrated annually on 17 June.

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