Appreciation for Nock sixth-grade staff

Appreciation for Nock sixth-grade staff.
Three areas of exceptional quality stand out: the staff, the curriculum and the experiences provided to our kids.
All have been remarkable.
I am thankful for the life experiences and lessons our kids have been afforded during this school year.
The Long Walk to Water unit, taught in an interdisciplinary model across all four subject areas, was outstanding.
After the study of child labor in underprivileged countries, our kids understand what it must be like to live in an impoverished country where families are separated indefinitely so that young children can work to earn money to survive.
Our kids were treated like young adults and taught important lessons on appropriate social behavior in public places and social settings.
Once again, the kids presented their research to the public and were a little less nervous this time, having had practice earlier in the year.
Our sixth-graders are an extremely fortunate group to have such an outstanding middle school here in their hometown.
I couldn’t imagine a better education for my kids, and I’m excited to see what the next two years of middle school will bring.

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