Are Americans Worried about Water Pollution?

Are Americans Worried about Water Pollution?.
Americans are more worried about the quality of water in their lakes, reservoirs, rivers and drinking supplies than they have been in over 15 years, according to latest survey from Gallup.
In that time period, concerns about water safety have fluctuated between 48% and 72% of the populace admitting to being “greatly worried” about the issue.
In this year’s poll, 63% of Americans attested to their preoccupation over the subject – the highest proportion since 2001.
1 environmental concern Respondents were asked to give their level of concern on six different environmental issues.
However, it’s thought that the recent surge in concern might be attributable to recent environmental disasters, such as the discovery of high concentrations of contaminants in the drinking water of Flint, Michigan.
Under the guardianship of President Obama, the US government had also sought to minimise the industrial impact on the nation’s waters and on its environment as a whole.
Though his presidency is still in its infancy, there are widespread concerns that Trump’s changes to US legislation could seriously jeopardise drinking water in the States.
Minorities and impoverished most concerned The Gallup survey also revealed an interesting trend among respondents.
While only 56% of white people surveyed confessed to great concern about water pollution, 80% of non-whites saw it a priority issue.

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