Arsenic in well water is a silent epidemic. Too few Maine families can afford to treat their wells.

I said yes, not knowing that my answer would change both of our lives.
Without knowing it, I’d been giving my babies poison.
Now, I’m hoping I can help make sure that other Maine families have access to safe drinking water.
Since over half of Mainers rely on well water for cooking, bathing and drinking, it’s estimated that well water for more than 100,000 Maine people is contaminated by arsenic.
The Legislature last month overrode the governor’s veto of a bill to expand outreach and education about this silent epidemic in Maine.
By helping moms like me and many others learn we need to test our well water, it will dramatically boost the number of people who test.
We were lucky that we could afford our filtration system, which cost a few hundred dollars.
With strong bipartisan support, the Legislature approved putting aside $500,000 to help all Maine families access safe drinking water, using funding that is available at no additional cost to taxpayers.
If he does, here’s my message to Maine legislators: Moms like me are counting on you to override the veto, to help us protect our children from poison in their drinking water.
My idea for a new T-shirt for my daughter is one that says this: “All Maine families deserve safe and affordable drinking water.” Wendy Brennan is a mom of two.

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