Asbestos discovered in Temuka water supply

Residents of the South Canterbury town of Temuka say they were horrified to learn asbestos has been discovered in the town’s water supply.
The Ministry of Health and the local council are assuring people the discovery poses no risk to their health, but many are still worried.
After the news many residents are opting to get theirs from a water tanker brought in from out of town.
"We’ve got a cancer gene in our family so I’m very hesitant to drink the water just in case," said resident Elizabeth Noakes.
The Timaru District Council made the discovery at 4:00pm on Wednesday following tests on the water after residents found clumps of fibre building up in their taps and water filters.
The council believes they’ve narrowed the source of the asbestos down to a 7 kilometre concrete pipe that runs from the water treatment plant to the town.
While residents have been assured that the water is safe to drink Robin Brokenshire won’t take the risk.
"There’s no way I’m drinking that even if they though they say it’s safe to drink," he said.
"Essentially make sure that you keep it damp double bag it in plastic and take it to the council transfer station".

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