At leats 50 taken ill in Rajkot, civic body suspects water contamination as cause

AT LEAST 50 persons from Jungleshwar area of Rajkot were admitted to civil hospital after they complained of diarrhea and vomiting late on Monday evening and early on Tuesday.
While the RMC said no deaths were reported, police said two persons from the area died after similar complaints on both the days.
More persons developed similar symptoms overnight and were rushed to hospital on Tuesday.
They say they are drinking water from a public hand-pump in the area.
Prima facie, it seems a case of drinking contaminated water rather than poisoning.
We have taken samples of water from the hand-pump and sent them for bacterial and fungal contamination,” Dr Manish Chunara, chief health officer of RMC said.
Dr Chunara said that all the patients admitted to the hospital were in stable condition and likely to be discharged by late Tuesday evening.
The health officer said that all the affected persons were natives of Uttar Pradesh who had been residing in Rajko and working in local factories.
Police said Kumar Jayprakash Shah (25), a resident of that area was admitted to Rajkot civil hospital on Sunday afternoon after complaints of diarrhea and died that evening.
On Monday evening, another resident identified as Malikrama Jahajram (25) also died in the hospital after similar complaints.

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