Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities considers changing scope of 45s Sewer Separation project

The Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities met April 4 and debated a proposal to modify the infrastructure plans for the 45s sewer separation project, and the discussion eliciting some strong reactions.
The proposed plan would add three parallel storage structures along the Lake Road interceptor covering 1,100 feet that would serve to take on storm water during an intense weather event to prevent overflows.
The plan would add an additional $1.5 million to $2 million to the project and is an attempt by the board to prevent storm water from entering the sanitary sewer.
The board was expected to vote on a motion for $138,000 to modify the existing agreement with engineering firm HDR, enabling them to evaluate the existing plan and address any technical issues.
Chief Utilities Executive Todd Danielson said the board did not find it wise to spend the money on the design modification before reaching a decision on a long-term plan for storm-water management.
The water utility is presently averaging four overflows per year and will be allowed zero in 2020 under Ohio EPA regulations, according to Avon Lake Water Pollution Control Plant Manager Steve Baytos .
Once the 2020 deadlines passes, the utility will no longer be allowed to allow sanitary waste to discharge into Lake Erie.
The board hopes to work with the city of Avon Lake to design a more efficient system of storm water management which will be beneficial to rate payers and ensure the long-term stability of the system, Danielson said.
Dzwonczyk said until the city addresses the storm water problem, the proposed changes to the 45s sewer separation will not eliminate overflows and believes Avon Lake always will be in jeopardy of putting a mixture of sanitary and storm water flow in residents basements.
The board will meet again April 18 and members hope to collaborate with Avon Lake officials directly in the near future on storm water infrastructure.

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