AWRA Women in Water Resources Interview #6: Janet L. Bowers

AWRA Women in Water Resources Interview #6: Janet L. Bowers.
This interview is the sixth and final piece of a series, written/conducted by AWRA Immediate Past President Martha Narvaez, celebrating the role of AWRA Women in Water Resources.
Current Position Executive Director, Chester County Water Resources Authority Positions Held Director, Water Resources Division – Dames & Moore Senior Water Resources Project Manager – Coastal Environmental Services Director, Environmental/Geothermal Division – Meridian Corporation Water Resources Analyst – Dames & Moore Education S. Geology/Hydrogeology – West Virginia University A. Geology – Catawba College, NC Honors and Appointments National President – American Water Resources Association (2000) AWRA President’s Outstanding Service Award AWRA Fellow Award President – National Capital Section Water Resources Association of Delaware River Basin Achievement Award PA Department of Environmental Protection Southeast Region – Community Environmental Excellence Award Pennsylvania Statewide Water Resources Committee Appointee Delaware River Basin Commission Water Resources Management Committee Appointee
How did you get involved in the water resources field?
Biggest career success?
Another significant career success has been the opportunity to see and work with other women professionals who I could then bring into AWRA leadership.
It has been a very gratifying experience to see Jane Rowan, Martha Narvaez, Carol Collier and several others that have come into the organization and risen to AWRA leadership positions.
Biggest lesson learned in your career?
Had I not been in a leadership role with AWRA I never would have even been in Fairbanks, AK, let alone standing on the Arctic Ocean.
I’ve been fortunate that I don’t feel like I was ever held back from a position or role that I wanted because I was a woman but I do feel that many times when a female professional has something to say it is not often heard in its entirety and at the depth to which it’s intended, until it’s said by someone else.

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