Bar outside tainted water buffer zone adds filter

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — As the Belmont area deals with contamination in residential wells, one local restaurant and bar is taking the safety of its water into its own hands.
The Vestal Inn is the first business 24 Hour News 8 has heard of to add its own water filtration system.
The owners say they wanted to give peace of mind to their customers, who they say are like family.
“It’s like ‘Cheers’ — the same people sit in the same stools every day and tell you the same stories,” co-owner Barbara Fuhs said.
So far, all of the homes with high PFAS levels draw their water from wells believed to be contaminated by waste from shoemaker Wolverine Worldwide.
>>Inside Complete coverage of the toxic tap water investigation Regardless, the owners of the inn say they aren’t taking any chances.
I don’t want nothing to happen to them,” John Fuhs said of his customers.
“Uncertainty is … the reason we stepped forward to do it as soon as we did because we just don’t know,” Troy Fuhs said.
The move is making customers feel even more at home.
Aley says he worries about the safety of water pretty much everywhere in the Belmont area.

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