Base addresses community concerns about contaminated water

Base addresses community concerns about contaminated water.
The meeting was conducted in order to allow concerned community members to voice concerns and ask questions of experts and base officials.
“We will continue to remain completely transparent as we work to determine the extent of PFOS/PFOA contamination and how to quickly and effectively provide clean water to those possibly affected by past base activities,” said Samuelson.
“Your Fairchild is committed to working with the city and regulatory partners to protect human health and resolve the issue at hand.” Samuelson noted that he will remain fully accessible to any member of the community who has questions to ensure that there is transparency and that “the patriots of Fairchild are here to help and not to hurt.” “Fairchild continues to be a valued partner in helping the city,” said Albert Tripp, Airway Heights city manager.
“When we learned about the possible water contamination, we took a proactive approach getting the water tested and closing down the affected wells.
The city will continue to work with our partners and provide drinking water until we have the all clear (to lift the advisory).” The ongoing sampling efforts on and around Fairchild AFB are part of a proactive and comprehensive site inspection program to determine if, and to what extent, past base activities contributed to elevated levels of PFOS/PFOA in groundwater.
PFOS/PFOAs are unregulated compounds and are classified by the EPA as "emerging contaminants."
“We care about solving the problem, and we care about protecting our environment and leaving a legacy that generations to come can enjoy,” Samuelson said.
“Transparency and accessibility are my top key words in this with you.
If you have frustrations with base activities, give them to me and I will work tirelessly with you to get a resolution as soon as possible.” To date, the City of Airway Heights, Fairchild AFB and other volunteers have provided and distributed more than 80,000 gallons of water to citizens of Airway Heights affected by the city’s drinking water advisory.

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