Be Aware And Have Green Fins

Be Aware And Have Green Fins.
Project Aware and Green Fins are two non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the environment and the role that scuba divers can play into improving our world, one dive at a time.
When Green Fins enter into most of the countries they are currently in, good environmental practices were unheard of.
A Green Fins dive center pledges to implement the programs of the organization.
They are evaluated yearly on a 330 point scale that measures how friendly they are to the environment.
While not a 100% perfect, seeking out a dive operator who has taken the Green Fins pledge and is working towards improving their environmental impact is a good way to stat to find an environmental friendly dive operator.
The focus of the Project Aware program is to get as much of the marine debris out of the water before it can create greater problems.
This is what Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris® program is about.
Get the marine trash out of the water so we reduce the danger to the ocean and keep us interested in what we do see when we dive.
These two organizations are not the only two, they are just two that focus on scuba divers.

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