Big Q, Easy A: What Does ‘Green Fashion’ Really Mean?

What does it mean for a product to be “Eco-Friendly”?
Not all products are completely biodegradable, but the more organic materials used in a product, the more biodegradable the product and better for the environment.
Brand Example: Svilu Buy It!
Brand Example: Back Beat Rags Buy It!
Brand Example: Ashley Pittman Buy It!
Ashley Pittman Earrings, $375; What does it mean for something to be upcycled?
Often, companies will supplement environmental sustainability with programs that give back to communities or provide training to artisans, creating lasting sustainability qualify What is sustainable production?
Can a product be eco-friendly, but not sustainable?
Can a product be sustainable, but not eco-friendly?
This does not mean that the product is necessarily eco-friendly; however, it’s pretty safe to assume that if something is eco-friendly or sustainable, that it has been ethically made.

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