Bill Brooks: Rivers, lakes and streams benefit from dinner and auction

Bill Brooks: Rivers, lakes and streams benefit from dinner and auction.
Unabated development over the years coupled with foolish policies (Montreal dumping tons of sewage into the St. Lawrence springs to mind), have put a strain on Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources.
Thank goodness for organizations the likes of Trout Unlimited Canada.
Ironic indeed that it was a group of seven fly fishers from Montreal who formed Trout Unlimited in December 1972.
Toronto was the next city to join the cause.
Then Edmonton.
And today, TUC has chapters from coast to coast.
Auction items one would not normally see (think amazing artworks, a Bruce Springsteen autographed guitar and Riverview Plantation quail hunting, to name but a few) and the online auction of a 2001 BMW Z8 Roadster valued at a crisp $284,300 ensured the evening was a great success raising considerable coin for TUC.
The collector car, generously donated by Mel Benson, is up for grabs through an online auction that closes Apr 5 at 8 p.m. (visit to place your bid).
Kudos to the 2017 dinner committee of Jack Fuller; John Majko, Kris Benson, Bill Brown, Tim Hamilton, Brian Mellor (TUC National board chair), Rafi Tahmazian, Fred Calverley, Bill Basarsky, Wade Brillon, Dave Byler, Chelsea Johnston and Glen Rumpel on the success of the event.

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