Blades residents to get bottled water from DNREC after tests show contaminated wells

Residents of Blades are being told to drink bottled water as the town’s well water system has been contaminated by "perfluorinated compounds" or (PFCs).
DNREC said the water from the sampled wells are safe to use for bathing and laundry, but cannot be used for cooking or drinking.
Bottled water was expected to be provided Friday at noon to residents at the Blades Fire Hall.
Alternative sources of drinking and cooking water will be provided until a permanent solution is in place, according to DNREC.
Long-term exposure to perfluorooctanoicacid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) can affect pregnant women and infants and cause cancer and liver and immune system impacts.
Friday, Governor Carney signed an executive order that mobilizes the Delaware National Guard to assist the Town of Blades.
The DNG has provided two, 400-gallon portable water tanks and coordinated troops to provide 24-hour water distribution operations at the fire hall.
A 5,000-gallon water tanker is also prepared and available for follow-up support.
“Access to safe and clean drinking water is an absolutely essential and basic human necessity, and we are extremely troubled by the situation in Blades," said Delaware’s delegation in a written statement.
"We are doing everything we can to understand the causes behind what has happened and determine how we can help Governor Carney address the pressing needs of the families affected in Sussex County."

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