Blessing in disguise

■ Blessing in disguise Apropos our news story, ‘Accident victim saves 4 lives by organ donation’, dated March 30, our reader Sambhu Nath Chowdhury wrote to us, saying, “I salute Anandrao Sawant, who despite being subjected to the trauma of his wife Sangita Sawant’s death due to an accident, took the decision with the consent of his children to donate her organs for the sake of other patients.
The grieving Sawant family may find some solace in the heartfelt blessings of the kin of those recipients, who can now start a new life after being doubtful about recovery and waiting for organs.
Sangita has silently contributed to the body and eye donation movement, which essentially should be carried forwarded by one and all.
It would be only wise to create heaven on earth instead of taking the organs and tissues to the grave.” ■ Man up!
The violent incident drew flak from all factions.
Why should the public blacklist the airline?
The party really needs to reconsider its priorities.
Gaikwad, on the other hand, needs to stop bothering airlines by booking tickets under different identities.” ■ Be responsible Referring to our news story, ‘PCB awakens to burning issue of waste’, dated March 20, our reader Vinod C Dixit wrote to us, saying, “When it comes to waste management in India, little is done by the authorities as well as citizens.
Many municipalities simply dump the waste and claim them to be landfill sites.
Landfilling should be done only for inorganic waste after processing.

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