BLOG ROUND-UP: Litigation trepidation. Alex Breitler has it; Cal Water Fix operations and costs; Fish, flows, and 5937; Sac Valley salmon; and more …

We’re talking Delta tunnels litigation now, and as former San Joaquin County Supervisor Larry Ruhstaller used to say, this will be like playing three-dimensional Tic-Tac-Toe in the dark with catcher’s mitts on.
… ” Read more from Alex Breitler’s blog here: Litigation trepidation.
Alex Breitler has it California Water Fix Workshops, Part 2: Operations: Jeffrey Kightlinger writes, “For many people, California WaterFix has become known as the “tunnels” project, yet it’s a much more comprehensive and innovative modernization effort of our State Water Project.
… ” Read more from H2Outlook blog here: California Water Fix Workshops, Part 2: Operations Restore the Delta debunks operations myths in MWD White Paper #2: “Restore the Delta released their official response to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s second of three white papers regarding the Delta Tunnels proposal, also known as CA WaterFix.
… ” Read more from Restore the Delta here: Restore the Delta debunks operations myths in MWD White Paper #2 Modernizing the Delta: Time for a decision, says Jeffrey Kightlinger: He writes, “The decades-old water system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that supplies water to two-thirds of all Californians is a classic case of aging infrastructure.
After 11 years, the project still has no clear finance plan and is only 10% designed.
… ” Read more from the CA State Treasurer’s Office here: The real costs of the California Water Fix Twin tunnels project: A disaster for salmon, part 1: Tom Cannon writes, “The proposed “Twin-Tunnels Project” (aka “WaterFix”) would divert enormous quantities of water from the Sacramento River to the south Delta for export into the San Joaquin River basin and southern California.
… ” Read more from the California Water Blog here: Fish, flows, and 5937: legal challenges on the Santa Maria River Enhancing Coleman hatchery salmon contribution: Tom Cannon writes, “In a recent post I discussed ways to improve hatchery salmon smolt survival to increase coastal and river salmon populations devastated by recent droughts.
Survival of Coleman hatchery smolts released to the Sacramento River is markedly lower in dry years.
… ” Read more from the California Fisheries Blog here: Enhancing Coleman hatchery salmon contribution Improving conditions for salmon in the Sacramento Valley: The NCWA blog writes, “For the past decades, water resources managers have been working with state and federal agencies and conservation partners to implement various programs and projects to improve conditions for viable salmon populations in every part of the Sacramento River Basin.

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