Blue Mounds State Park Contaminated Water Being Worked On

Blue Mounds State Park Contaminated Water Being Worked On.
LUVERNE, MN.- Drinking water and fresh showers will soon be a reality for campers at Blue Mounds State Park.
Three years ago the staff had to close the parks well after it was contaminated with E.coli.
It’s no surprise to the workers at Luverne Area Aquatics and Fitness Center to see campers from Blue Mounds State Park come in to use their showers.
“We see a lot more in the summer time and on the hotter weekends and things like that.
We’ll see quite a few come in and use the shower,” says Honerman.
For three years, the community center has opened its showers to campers after the park’s well became contaminated with E.coli.
So each day camper’s travel for 3 miles from the park to the community center, to shower and get some drinking water, but the center says the setback has turned into a blessing.
“We are happy that they can utilize us and like I said we get some benefits out of it too.
The park says despite the contamination, campers have still been coming in.

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