Boil drinking water advisory in effect for St. Walburg

Residents of St. Walburg are currently without running water after a waterline break depleted the town’s reservoir and a power surge blew its water pump.
Both incidents occurred Tuesday night and though the town isn’t sure when full service will be restored, administration said they may be able to run it for a few hours today, which prompted St. Walburg to issue a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory.
Anyone who gets their water from the town have been asked to boil all water they plan on drinking for at least one minute and avoid drinking from publicly supplied water fountains.
Administration said the plan is to turn the water on so residents can stock up to use their toilets and wash dishes.
The town isn’t turning the water on for people to drink it, but understands it can’t stop anyone from consuming it either, which is why they issued the advisory.
The town suggested drinking bottled water in a release.
As of right now the advisory is planned to run until Mar.
8, but according to administration it may lifted earlier if they can get the problems repaired sooner.
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