Boil water advisory affects Sunchild First Nation’s public buildings

Boil water advisory affects Sunchild First Nation’s public buildings.
A school is one of three public buildings on Sunchild First Nation that remains affected by a boil water advisory issued last week.
Alice Peters, Sunchild First Nations band manager and health director, said on Wednesday that three public buildings — Sunchild School, the band office and health centre — are still affected, as well as seven homes.
School principal David Malthouse said they do have water for the toilets and there is drinkable water in coolers.
Peters said the boil water advisory was issued March 28, when there was a break in the main water line, resulting in two 10,000-gallon reservoir tanks depressurizing and no water service for awhile.
About 40 to 50 homes and the public buildings were affected at first.
On Wednesday they were still trying to locate a break in the part of the line that affects the seven homes and public buildings.
Until that is done, all homes that use the water system will remain under the advisory.
The reserve has about 160 homes but not all are connected to the water system.
Many have their own wells.

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