Boil water advisory continues in Gatineau

Due to a watermain break

originally posted on September 23, 2016


A boil water advisory continues to be in effect in a large sector of Gatineau’s east end Friday following a watermain break Thursday.

City crews worked through the night on the break on St-Louis Boulevard and are asking residents to reduce usage.

On its webpage, the city advises a lack of water or a drop in pressure on Montée Paiement up to Cheval-Blanc Avenue, and from the Ottawa River to Boulevard La Vérendrye, as well as “north of Rivìere Blanche, east on Montée Dalton, south of rivière Blanche, east of avenue du Cheval Blanc.”

Residents in the “old Gatineau” region east of the Gatineau River are urged to boil their water for one minute before consuming it.

If tap water is discoloured, residents are urged to open the cold water tap and let the water run until it becomes clear.

Tap water is safe for bathing, laundry and dishes.

Residents are also advised to throw out any ice made while the advisory is in effect.

For more info, check the City of Gatineau website.

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