Boil water advisory in effect for St. John the Baptist Parish

A boil water advisory was issued late Wednesday (Jan. 17) for St. John the Baptist Parish due to a lack of pressure in the water system, according to parish officials.
The advisory, which remains in effect until further notice, covers the entire parish.
Parish officials said the system had "little to no pressure" late Wednesday, citing a combination of more than 100 isolated leaks, dripping faucets and excessive water use in taxing the parish’s water system, which can no longer keep up with demand.
The water system is expected to "catch up" overnight, but officials urged residents to continue to conserve water as much as possible, according to a statement posted to the parish government’s website and Facebook page.
Once water pressure is restored, residents should boil water for one minute before consuming the water or using it for cooking.
The advisory does not affect showering or bathing.
Officials reminded residents to protect exposed pipes, and to only let faucets drip as a last resort for preventing frozen pipes.
Earlier Wednesday night, parish officials urged residents to immediately stop all water usage amid concerns of a "total loss in water pressure."
St. John is one of several parishes struggling to contend with high water demand as icy temperatures drive up usage.
In Jefferson Parish, officials have asked residents to conserve water as the parish drops the system’s pressure.

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