Boil water advisory still active for CNE

The boil water notice has affected only those properties which receive water through the New London Turnpike entry point.
“However, the Wendy’s and Hampton Inn are connected to the Kent County water system, so they are not impacted.” Wendelken said the source of the issue was not initially identified and that the DOH is focused on “chlorinating and flushing” the system.
He said the contamination is believed to have originated in a leasing office men’s room at the GrandeVille Apartment Complex on the West Greenwich side of the development.
NWSI is actively working to sanitize the water supply and lift the boil advisory.
They will also draw four additional samples from the system on the third day.
The boil water advisory will be lifted when all samples come back bacteria free.
Our aim is to get three consecutive days of clean samples.
At that point, we would be able to lift the boil water advisory.” “People should bear in mind that there is perhaps no water in the entire Kent County Water system that is tested more extensively and regularly than the water at CNE,” said McGowan.
The KCWA water going to homes and businesses, however, is generally not tested thereafter, but it is at CNE — again, extensively and repeatedly.” According to McGowan, this incident is the first time there has ever been an issue with water at CNE.
All affected homes and businesses will be notified when the advisory is lifted, according to the DOH.

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