Boil-water notice in effect in Qualicum Bay area

by J.R. Rardon, originally posted on December 1, 2016


The Qualicum Bay Horne Lake Waterworks District announced Friday a boil-water notice for customers on its water system after tests revealed bacteria in the water supply system.

The notice could be lifted as early as this week, depending on results of flushing and maintenance on the water distribution lines, said Dr. Paul Hasselback, chief medical health officer for Island Health.

“There’s a variety of parameters we test for, and for some we would absolutely order a boil-water notice. That is not the case here.” Hasselback said. “There was bacteria found that is often associated with dirtiness in the pipes. It rarely causes illness, but it is an indication the distribution system needs to be maintained.”

Since Friday, he said, a “significant amount” of maintenance has been undertaken on the distribution system, which serves both residential and commercial customers in Qualicum Bay and the surrounding area. The corrective action was described by Island Health as “shock chlorinate and flush” of the distribution pipes.

New water samples were taken Monday and Tuesday this week, Hasselback said, and results of those tests must be analyzed before the advisory is lifted. He said results could be available by today (Dec. 1), and customers should check with the Qualicum Bay-Horne Lake Waterworks District for updates on the advisory.

Upon issuing the notice, waterworks district trustees went door-to-door to inform its customers and posted the notice on their website. According to the site, the waterworks district serves 501 water connections and another 480 land parcels.

The boil-water notice applies to all water for human consumption, including drinking, food preparation, ice-making, brushing teeth and washing fruits and vegetables.

A boil-water notice fact sheet is posted on the district’s website, where changes to the status of the notice are updated as information becomes available. To find out more, visit

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