Bottled water at Rs 20; Price reduction only on paper

As GST on bottled water was removed, the government in May had announced that drinking water will be made available for Rs 12 per litre.
Six months on, one litre bottle costs Rs 20.
Following the government’s announcement, the Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association too had announced to cut the prices to Rs 12 per litre but to no avail.
Even if the distributors take Re 1.25 per bottle, a litre of drinking water can be sold for Rs 12 or Rs 13.
But each bottle costs Rs 20 to Rs 25.
Each year, 30,000 plastic bottles are thrown out.
Only 30 percent of these used bottles get recycled.
Bottled water available for Rs 10 The state government is selling bottled drinking water at Rs 10 per litre.
The KIIDC plant in Thodupuzha produces 30,000-35,000 litres of water every day.
Minister examining situation “Bottled water is mostly mineral water.

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