Bottling plant’s impending arrival revives debate over water use

Bottling plant’s impending arrival revives debate over water use.
In another win for the Mesa business community and the Elliot Road Technology Corridor, Niagara Bottling recently announced it will develop a 450,000-square-foot plant in the area.
“(The corridor) has the power and water they need to run the facility,” said city Economic Development Director Bill Jabjiniak.
This is the second water bottling company to announce it will open a plant in the Valley.
However, Porter pointed out that the extreme reaction to water bottling facilities in Arizona may be unfair.
“But I think [the issue] is more complicated than that.” Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter Director Sandy Bahr said that water itself is not the only issue related to these plants.
A huge issue with bottled water is how much waste is associated with it.
Most of the bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills or litter our streets, parks, and rivers.” Another defense of water bottling plants is that they are good business because the Phoenix metropolitan area is a huge market for the product.
She believes residents need to educate themselves about the nuances of water resource management in order to make informed decisions about the future of their communities and economies.
There are various resources available for residents, including helpful FAQs on SRP’s website.

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