Box Elder County may be at risk for water contamination

Box Elder County may be at risk for water contamination.
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BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah — Many people in Box Elder County are still pumping water out of their basements, after weeks of flooding, but now the Bear River Health Department is worried about drinking water possibly being contaminated with harmful bacteria.
"This is bigger than normal so we don’t know how contaminated things are going to be and that’s why we are offering this testing so we can kind of get a handle on what’s out there," said Sarah Cheshire, who tests water samples with the Bear River Health Department.
Bear River said anyone with a private well who was affected by flooding is at risk.
"If you have bacteria in your water it can potentially make you sick, you could have nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and those sorts of symptoms."
"I think it’s a legitimate concern that people ought to take a look and see what’s going on in their own houses," said Summers.
The health department said just eyeballing the water isn’t good enough.
"We have dosages and charts that will tell us how much depending on how deep or shallow the well is, how much water is flowing through there," said Cheshire.

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