BP hears about water

Where does the water come from?
Where does the water go?
When there a few wells that draw a lot of water, that natural system can be compromised by pulling too hard on too few wells.
Belle Plaine has a lot of area along the river to draw water, and not a lot of development in that area.
As for where the water goes, a hearing was held on the status of the city’s ultraviolet disinfection and flow equalization project additions to the water pollution control facility improvement project, or the sewer plant project.
They are looking at state funding to get an architectural study of the historic building.
The group needs all of the funding it can get right now, Pope said.
Council member Judy Schlesselman asked about sticking to the dates that were in the resolution passed by the city council earlier this winter.
Pope felt they were covering this with the monthly updates.
The city hope to update the resolution with new deadlines and dates.

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