California and National Drought Summary for August 29, 2017

Drier than normal conditions existed for much of the Southeast, mid-Atlantic to Northeast, and western Northern Plains to Northwest.
Temperatures were above normal for much of the western third of the nation and parts of the Southeast.
Temperatures elsewhere were below normal.
Southeast Dryness continued this week prompting the introduction of D0 in southern Georgia and expansion of D0 across much of South Carolina and Virginia.
Midwest Precipitation was below normal for much of the eastern part of the region during this USDM week while northern and western Missouri, western Iowa and much of Minnesota had above normal precipitation.
Drought was expanded throughout Montana where long-term precipitation deficits remain.
D0 was expanded and a small area of D1 was introduced in northeast Kansas and southeast Nebraska based on the 30-day precipitation deficits.
One category improvements were made in eastern South Dakota where 1-2 inches of rain has fallen during the last two weeks.
It was reported that crop conditions are very good in this eastern region.
In Puerto Rico, rainfall amounts between 6-10 inches and isolated areas of 15 inches over the last 2-weeks were observed.

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