California and National Drought Summary for January 16, 2018 and 10 Day Weather Outlook

Northeast Temperatures were normal to above normal in New England with widespread precipitation over most of the region except for central Pennsylvania and western New York.
Some improvements were made to abnormally dry conditions in response to the greatest precipitation.
Moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions were also expanded in the central and northern portions of Alabama.In areas of southwestern Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, severe drought was expanded, and moderate drought was expanded in southeastern Georgia.
Extreme drought conditions were also pushed more to the west in southern Kansas.
Heavy rains impacted the region from southern Arkansas into western Tennessee.
Southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana had some improvement to the severe drought while moderate drought was improved over portions of eastern Texas.
Extreme drought was also expanded over northern Texas while moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions were expanded over most of the central portions of Texas.
Even with the precipitation in Oregon, the water year continues to be well below normal for precipitation, which allowed for the expansion of abnormally dry conditions in Oregon, western Idaho, and southern Washington.
Precipitation from the central Rocky Mountains will pass through the central Plains and into the upper Midwest and Great Lakes.
This should help bring the snow levels down over the western United States, allowing for snow accumulation to take place.The 6-10 day outlooks show that temperatures are anticipated to remain cooler than normal over the western and north central United States, with the greatest probability of below-normal temperatures over Montana and Wyoming.

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