Campaign helps UAE pupils recycle used cooking oil

Campaign helps UAE pupils recycle used cooking oil.
Pupils at UAE schools have been collecting used cooking oil from their homes to recycle it into biofuel.
The programme was set up by Blue waste management company in Dubai and has involved pupils from nursery age through to high schoolers.
Delhi Private School in Sharjah collected 162 litres of used cooking oil, and its pupils taught their parents about the benefits of recycling oil they would usually throw down the drain.
"When we started collecting the oil, it turned out only 40 per cent of pupils knew you could re-use or recycle cooking oil," said pupil, Rohan Kapur.
Mathilde Allard Khalifa, corporate social responsibility coordinator at Blue, said many families were unaware that used cooking oil could damage the environment.
"But many households are not aware of the damage that is done by throwing away used oil.
"It blocks the drains, goes into the ground and pollutes the environment.
The campaign to collect used oil started as a limited-term competition between five schools.
However, now there are permanent collection bins for children to contribute whenever they can.

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