Can Fracking Threaten Scotch Whisky?

Inside ‘Trump Force One’ It seems that fracking may cause damage to the Scotch whisky industry, which supports more than 10,500 Scottish jobs.
Will fracking damage Scotland’s whisky industry?
Though there are no whisky distilleries currently located in this area, campaigners 38 Degrees are concerned about fracking activity that could be rolled out in other areas of Scotland after the public consultation is finished on May 31st.
Construction of an access road for hydraulic fracturing operations in Northwest England.
Photo: AFP/Paul Ellis Fracking for shale gas has been shown to cause damage to water supplies in parts of the U.S.s, as well as contribute to droughts due to the vast quantities of water used to dig up resources.
In the Scotsman article, Professor Andrew Watterson of the Centre for Public Health and Population Health Research at the University of Stirling worried about a Scottish fracking industry.
‘The German beer industry has long expressed major concerns that the potential for water contamination from fracking for gas posed a significant risk to their industry," he said.
Environment Protection Agency has also recently acknowledged there are currently no guarantees fracking may not lead to water pollution by toxic chemicals used in the process.’ Continued from page 1 The Brooklyn Startup Bringing Eyewear Manufacturing Back To America Renowned whisky expert and author Charles MacLean certainly doesn’t want to see his favorite drink under threat.
"Even the potential of water contamination from fracking in Scotland would be a seriously worrying development for the whisky industry and Scotland’s economy."
And as long as fracking is conducted far from distillery water supplies, it’s unlikely that whisky we like drinking will be affected.

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