Carney inspects reaction to water contamination

– Delaware Governor John Carney stopped by Blades Saturday to oversee the response to the water contamination that was announced earlier this week.
Carney says he is pleased with the response from DNREC and the Department of Public Health.
The next step is to identify the source of these contaminants, and any possible contamination of private wells outside of the Blades public water system.
If the private water is contaminated, officials say they plan on providing water to those folks if necessary.
DNREC was on site discussing the situation with Carney.
Tankers and water buffalo will be in service for the town tomorrow.
We’re told by the end of this week a new carbon filter will be installed in the public water system to fix the problem.
This filter will be in place for a number of months to serve as a short term solution, while officials try to find a long term solution.
And so we’re making quick progress," says DNREC secretary Shawn Garvin.
"When we get these filters in will be there for months and months and months while we have the ability to figure out what the longer term solution is."

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