Carrollton School District testing drinking water

by Rynne Turke, originally posted on October 31, 2016


A Greene County School District is taking the steps to confirm the drinking water is safe for students and staff to consume.

Carrollton Superintendent Dr. Kerry Cox says there isn’t an immediate concern regarding the water supply and there haven’t been any complaints.

“We know over the past year there has been a magnitude of concerns about water supply, of course Flint, Michigan with the lead content and here in Illinois and Missouri about the impact of dated plumbing fixtures and supply lines. They might have an impact on the lead content and drinking water. While the EPA has established regulations and guidelines under the safe drinking water act, Illinois doesn’t require school district to measure their drinking water,” says Cox.

Cox says Carrollton is among numerous school districts in Central Illinois taking the proactive measures to make sure the water is safely within the regulations established by the EPA.

The group doing the test, Springfield-based Analytical Design Group, should be coming to take the samples soon.

“They actually will take samples from every faucet or drinking fountain that students and staff have access to. That would be for cooking or drinking water. They will assess those samples, based on standards from the EPA. If there are any issues, we will take corrective measures. We will shut down those water sources immediately, make the corrective measures and re-test if there are issues,” says Cox.

The high school was constructed in 1956 and the newer part of the grade school was built in 2005.

The water test bill will come out of the Carrollton School District budget.

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