Charlton considers water line at contaminated area

Charlton considers water line at contaminated area.
The landfill, at 54 Flint Road, adjoins seven residences, another former landfill that is capped at 90 Flint Road, the public works facility, and undeveloped wooded land.
Five other homes that were tested had no detections, town consultant Gary E. Magnuson of CMG Environmental said.
Meanwhile, to help the water-sewer commission undertake a water master plan, Town Administrator Robin L. Craver called for a multi-board discussion about a possible extension of a public water line in the neighborhood.
During that meeting last week, selectmen voted to approve a $30,000 procurement for CMG to supervise the ongoing testing of monitoring wells at both closed landfills on Flint Road, and the private residential wells.
In Southbridge, that town’s private landfill operator has spent upward of $2 million in trying to prove the direction of groundwater flow.
Ms. Craver said the town will take responsibility for what it needs to do if there’s a spread of chemicals in groundwater in the area.
In July, the Charlton Board of Health began providing bottled water to the owners of 63 Flint Road.
According to CMG, the detections may be related to a release from the landfill at 54 Flint Road.
The state maximum level for TCE is 5 micrograms per liter, while the state office of research and standard has a drinking water guide of 0.3 micrograms per liter for 1,4 dioxane.

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